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Making one of a kind memories with those that carry the Air element that continue to provide conversation later on will serve as outstanding opportunities. One great example is finding a long hike where the Air sign can talk about their thoughts and ideas on your way to a beautiful scenic outlook. Loyalty, trust, and responsibility are key characteristics for the three Earth zodiac signs, making them incredibly compatible astrology signs when examining friendships, because, relationships are top priorities for Earth signs.

Planning a trip with a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn earth sign will be fun, because each of these signs enjoys their fair share of an easy going good time. Sitting outside with a nice glass of wine, or kayaking downstream — anything that allows earth signs to get away from work and spend time with their loved ones and friends will be time well earned and another great opportunity for these signs to refresh themselves. Now that the elemental archetypes of each zodiac sign are better explained, it is time to look at what kind of trips are best for each kind of friendship, based on their Zodiac compatibility.

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Continue reading below to get ideas for what kind of adventure is best for your zodiac sign, and that of your best friend:. Fearless and adventurous, two Fire signs would make an excellent duo on The Amazing Race. With their passionate curiosity and unrelenting sense of confidence, two Fire signs like an Aries and Leo will want to seek out excitement in their adventure away.

Pairing two Fire signs together will mean that the duo will want to seek out constant things to do. Another recommendation would be to find something physically challenging, pushing the Fire signs to push their limits. Long bike rides, hikes, or big snowboarding trips will make the Fire sign pairings bloom with excitement and joy. This pairing sets the theme of how opposites attract and complement each other.

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Although water has no problem extinguishing fire, this pairing can still have a great and rejuvenating time away together. A confident Fire sign will be able to encourage the Water sign to take risks and try some new adventure.

Adventuring to a new city, taking a cooking class, or going camping will be great ideas for this pairing. Making time for physical activity and finishing the day together accommodates both personality types. Bringing Fire and Air together mixes passion and inspiration.

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A long-planned trip, like a vacation to Europe or a road trip, will be the best kind of getaway for this pairing. Both Fire and Air types are very sociable and will like to do something involving people. Learning more about other cultures, or being able to take self-guided tours with others will create a great balance of adventure and extroversion for this pairing.

The fast-moving Fire sign will need to slow down to accommodate and have fun with the slower-moving Taurus. Great adventures can be found in zip lining in the Costa Rican jungles! Bringing adventure and nature into union brings Fire and Earth signs into perfect harmony with one another. Both signs will want to feel luxury and so spending some more money to live the high life will make for a fun and exciting weekend that treats both kinds of personalities.

Water and earth Zodiac signs are exceptionally compatible because of their complementary traits. Water signs are deep and reflective, while earth types are accommodating and easy going.


Making time together will allow this pairing to not only physically relax, but also find time for deep, meaningful conversation that will illuminate and relieve whatever has been on their mind. Planning fun trips for a Water and Earth pairing is going to focus on something incredibly slow-paced and relaxed.

Relaxation is the name of the game here, with both zodiac signs showing no sense of urgency to move onto the next thing on the agenda.

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Quality time and nature will make for a great weekend getaway for this power pairing. Water signs are immensely compatible in friendships with one another, allowing them to expand on their strengths by sharing deeply. A nice cruise that allows two water signs to spend quality time together, while being around water will make for one memorable getaway for both friends in this zodiac pairing. Finding the balance to the extroverted air element and the deeply introverted water element is a trickier match. However, both types can bond on deep levels when it comes to discussing their feelings, thoughts, opinions, and experiences.

Finding an adventure that fits the needs of both types will include nice dinners at restaurants, museum visits, and a great time out at the movies. Bringing two Air signs together is like combing two great minds and all of their imaginations onto one canvas. The exchange of ideas and the conversation that derives from this give and take will be the most memorable part of any trip for a double Air adventure.

Any getaway that allows both Air types to learn more about their surroundings, other cultures, or locations with long standing traditions and histories will bring a lot of fun to this pairing. The dual-grounded nature of bringing two Earth signs together makes for a very relaxing, slow paced kind of vacation. Combining this slower pace of trip with nature will best accommodate two Earth signs. A nice camping trip with a cabin in the woods or a rustic getaway will make this pairing blush. Although nature is a major attraction to both Earth types, luxury and living large is going to make for the best kind of trip.

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Earth and Air may seem conflicting at first. Earth is grounded in the practical here and now, while Air is up in the clouds with ideas. To get the most out of this pairing, plan an adventure that gives both zodiac types the ability to enjoy food, wine, culture and the arts. Both types are very sociable and are big fans of luxury. Although a Virgo is shy and picky about who he befriends, he isn't changeable. Once he makes a friend, he sticks with that person through thick and thin.

What Zodiac Signs Make Good Friends

A Virgo friend is your friend for life. You can tell your Virgo friend anything, speak your mind, air your problems and trust that not a word will ever be repeated. They also tend to call things as they see them and can be a trustworthy source for honest and truthful advice. When a Virgo friend says she'll do something for you, you can depend on her to do it. Whatever you ask, a Virgo will take it on and invest a ridiculous amount of effort into making sure it gets done. A Virgo can often seem snobbish and boring to a stranger.

However, when they're with a trusted friend, they let their guard down and love to party and go on adventures. All they need is a little more warning and planning than most. If the positive friendship traits above make a Virgo friend sound like a boy or girl scout, don't believe it. They really are not martyrs and won't be a doormat; a Virgo expects a friend to reciprocate and to bear with them when they get into their picky, persnickety, perfectionist mode of behavior.

A Virgo can demand perfection from everyone in their lives, and this is especially true with their friends. A Virgo friend can criticize, judge, and nit-pick your every move. She can be quick to point out everything you're doing wrong and then tell you how to do it correctly. A Virgo companion can be self-absorbed and not bother to take the time to understand your point of view or feelings.

They hate anything messy, and that includes messy emotions. That means if you become whiney, they'll keep their distance. A place for everything and everything always in its place is important to your Virgo friend, and he'll expect the same from you.