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And use it as a teachable moment to trust yourself and not reflexively shapeshift to appease others.

Libra: Capture Your Cosmic Power in 2019!

Tuesday kicks off a scintillating new chapter as your enchanting ruler, Venus, makes her annual red-carpet entrance into Scorpio and your second house of practical luxury and work and finances until November 1. This is your cosmic cue to slow your roll and relish all your earthly senses. There could be a shift in your job or work responsibilities, or you might have the opportunity to flex your uber-creative muscles. But for Libras, this Venus transit is also about romance and upscale pleasures—some of your favorite words in the English language!

Pamper yourself with some indulgent-yet-essential beauty treatments and bodywork. Dress in your comfiest clothes, the ones that make you feel like a million bucks, even if you got them at a designer consignment shop. You might fall for someone who initially seems a little buttoned-down, but once you get them behind closed doors, hang on tight! Solid couples might take a big next big step, whether that looks like a shared lease, a gulp mortgage or something involving serious bling. Note to Libras: Full moons point out possibilities and often usher in major opportunities, but you still need to do YOUR bit!

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Thanks for signing up! Please check your email to confirm your subscription. Leave A Comment Uh-oh! Use your Parade. Don't have an account? Sign up. Where to go? Try a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. There are plenty of resorts and beachside activities to keep Aries busy. Taureans love the finer things in life. This sign craves a luxury experience and is always on the prowl for the right deal. To accompany them on their trip, a Taurus is best matched with a Leo, Capricorn, or Cancer sign.

Taureans are planners, too. That's why Leos love to travel with them. All three signs enjoy a five-star getaway, and a Taurus knows how to pull out all the stops for an opulent adventure. Since a Taurus enjoys a lavish vacation, take a trip to Italy.

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Taureans will enjoy sipping on fine wine and taking in everything the Italian culture has to offer. Geminis love to fly by the seat of their pants, and typically don't enjoy being locked into a rigorous itinerary. The sign enjoys the journey as much as they do the actually destination itself.

This is why the best travel companions for a Gemini are a Leo or Libra. Leos are fun-loving by nature and will enjoy engaging in games and other shenanigans, while Libras are a solid match for Gemini's happy-go-lucky style of communicating.

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Geminis will enjoying renting a camper and driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to check out California's Big Sur area. Travelers who fall under the Cancer zodiac sign have a few options when it comes to the best travel buddy.

Sagittarius, Aries, Scorpio, and Pisces all make great travel companions for the Cancer sign. The Cancer traveler likes to explore but also enjoys the comforts of home. It should come as no surprise that food and drink are at the center of travel for the Cancer sign. A Sagittarius may seem like an unlikely match for Cancer, but the two signs will likely connect over a delicious meal.

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Like Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are considered water signs. So, make sure to add a few activities off land to the itinerary. Aries are fairly independent, which can also make them ideal travel companions for cancer. They are totally cool with going off on their own for a bit and meeting back up with Cancer slater in the day. Try a trip to Barcelona, Spain.

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The region is home to some of the world's best restaurants and there are plenty of beaches. Leo's travel best with the following signs: Taurus, Aquarius, or Scorpio. The fire sign enjoys a well-planned trip that's full of dining, drinking, and dancing on the tables. Leo travelers enjoy fancy activities like in-room massages and sipping champagne on the rooftop. All three signs like to travel in a similar fashion, which is why each one makes an ideal travel companion for Leo. Virgos should look to their Scorpio, Gemini, or Aquarius friends to tag along on their next trip.