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The overall loss amounted to an area the size of Turkey and it had gone. Although Sedna had been discovered, and there is no doubt now that this was synchronous with the massive melt down, we knew nothing of it until and likewise there were no significant transits to her until However, we do have to account for hurricane Katrina, an event that ranks as one of the largest natural disasters in the history of the United States.

Things got worse as Mars came within 2 degrees of Sedna on the 29th and Katrina made land at New Orleans. More levees failed and the floodwater rose higher after the hurricane had dissipated and Mars passed in front of Sedna. Storm surge floods and tornadoes continued for a couple of days afterwards. In general, the weather was starting to become noticeable all over the world and the ice was melting 30 times faster. During those 3 years all the action took place on the fixed cross between 18 and 22 degrees of Taurus Sedna and Neptune Aquarius.

May 24th Until then, America, led by George Bush, was in denial about global warming. He had even withdrawn America from the Kyoto Treaty that would have bound them to lowering CO2 emissions. Sept 15th Saturn arrives at 19 degrees and puts Sedna in a T-square. Pertinent global warming reports were released and finally fear and realisation hit the world media.

Mar 1st Saturn makes his 2nd hit to 19 degrees and is joined by the Moon. This programme would be instrumental in getting world governments to pay attention to the crisis. You can find the results of their investigations on their web site, www. Now we get to the last 2 summers and to start with, just ask yourself if you noticed anything about the summer weather of and ? Most people in England did notice that it rained……. In January and April it is likely that global land surface temperatures ranked warmest since records began in …..

The Dwarf Planet Sedna: Discovery and Facts

Several regions have experienced extremely heavy precipitation, leading to severe floods……….. IPCC further projects it to be very likely that hot extremes, heat waves and heavy precipitation events will continue to become more frequent. Double the normal frequency of rain fell in Asia 4 with 10 million people displaced.

Snow and the first cyclone ever hit Saudi Arabia. Heavy rains and flooding ravaged southern China. First a quote from that report: "In England and Wales the period May to July in was the wettest mm since records began in , breaking the previous record of mm in The extreme rainfall in June, with Both events resulted in extensive flooding across parts of England and Wales.

On the 26th, at 8. Global warming felt more like global drowning. We were all very afraid. Saturn had now moved on. Four days later Sedna and Neptune are obviously still there, Mars is at 21 degrees of Taurus and the Moon is at 21 degrees of Scorpio. A third of a million people without drinking water, nearly 50, people without power, thousands more homeless.

This has no precedent in modern British history. The crops were going to rot in the fields and it seemed as if nothing could save them. Then the strangest of things happened, and it still makes my hairs stand on end when I think of it. On August 13th there was a new Moon at 20 degrees Leo, which would normally have symbolised greater flooding, but not in this case. Miraculously the rain stopped, the Sun came out and the fields dried out. But more than this Ceres was slowing. Negative - Demanding, infantile in work relationships, flaunts social status as a result of accomplishments, showcases with past laurels.

Ceremonial - rites of passage, passing of baton, graduation ceremonies into higher spiritual orders. Elatus: Expression of self and ego through word and writing. Thereus: Relational and professional attitudes based upon others. I am what I am in this relationship because of my career status or the ornamentation of this relationship.

Negative - Object oriented, status seeking, mercenary in work ethics, stunned by glamour and beauty of partner. Mundane - resumes, bios, promotional photos that project an image, any status object whether relational or professional. Ceremonial - tandem energy exercises, hiking for spiritual purpose with a partner, sitting in audience with an enlightened person. Okyrhoe: Daughter of Chiron and Chariklo she promotes principles of discernment and conscious life skills. Positive - affirming, supporting, common sense based, acute logic skills, organized, detailed. Negative - critical, judgmental, whining or whingeing, prophecies of doom, using logic to find fault, works in perpetual worst case scenarios.

Mundane - mental attitude programs, tapes and other repetitive tools for reminding the psyche of a healthy state of mind, failure analysis in technology, spreadsheets and lists - especially those geared at mental health, affirmations, mantras, chants. Ceremonial - chanting, affirming, drumming establishes cadence , Om exercises, cleaning to promote godliness. Cyllarus: A handsome, devoted centaur, he represents positive sensual expression, willingness to fully embrace life in the physical plane.

Positive - artistic, soothing, tactile, healing, comforting.

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Negative - shut down, defensive, protected, lack of creative outlet. Mundane - any body healing including massage, rebirthing, Shiatsu and those involving physical contact, artistic work that comes from full expression, such as painting with the hands, musical skill, culinary ability. Ceremonial - water rituals that include coming back on shore upon completion, rebirthing, creating ceremonies that involve contact with earth elements and water simultaneously.

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Bienor - This centaur offers a sense of creative spirit, belief in urge of the soul, confidence. Positive - creative, inspired, talented, motivated, burning with creative vigor. Negative - repressed, sullen, withdrawn, resentful that life does not respond and bestow rewards. Mundane - benefactors, creative sanctuaries, places of recognition Halls of Fame, etc.

Ceremonial - mediation upon the heart, Hatha yoga, meditation in general, creating while listening to or dancing with music, dance ceremonies. Amycus - The longer period of this centaur seeks longevity and notoriety. Positive - intuitive, questioning, insightful, progressive, determined, reliable. Mundane - doctrines and policies designed to produce a result policy manuals, creeds , any mechanical device that enables a shift in energy, for instance a clutch for shifting gears, monuments, commandments as in carved in stone , pictographs and petroglyphs.

Ceremonial - stretching, yogas that shift fixed structures, chiropractic sessions, watching storms as a mediation, drumming, descent into the underworld use of caves or kivas. Crantor - Emotional declaration stands out as the quest for Crantor, not actually a centaur, but killed by one. A bit of the "What did I ever do to you? Positive - sensitive, emotional expressive, strong sense of emotional boundaries, nurturing and passionate. Negative - emotionally abuse, manipulative through feelings, projects guilt, shame and blame upon others, substance abuse.

Mundane - acute sense of emotional motivations, cathartic therapies and the ability to lead them, comprehension of emotionally based traumas and phobic responses, grief counseling. Ceremonial - cathartic ceremony, Wailing Wall-like rituals, water cleansing rituals, baptisms, fervent declarations of faith, ceremonies of emotional renewal. Echeclus - The mental balance between the abstract and linear logic.

Positive - mentally integrating, solution oriented, non-judgmental, abstract, conceptual, will shift opinion when new information or consciousness prompts a new set of beliefs. Mundane - abstract art, conceptual theories, spatial relations, forced decisions under time pressure, close calls, head injuries. Orius - The balance of values - professional, personal and relationship. Positive - perceptive of demands of society, sense of what people want and think they need, favorably responsive to senses, balanced and fair, clear perceptions of material goals, accurate assessment on internal attributes and tuned into creativity.

Clarity on the idea that a relationship does not make you successful, nor does success make you relatable. Negative - greedy, possessive, directorial in a controlling way, muddled view on materialism and relationship priorities. Mundane - tuned into collective need, innovative in terms of creativity and technology, able to create things that simplify life, artfully astute, tasteful in ambiance and decor.

Ceremonial - taking time to savor and celebrate great accomplishment, celebratory, inclined to toast and propitiate, honoring the good and inspiring. Rhiphonos - A protector of Dionysis, sprite turned into centaur by Hera. Positive - self affirming, confident, self reliant, always willing to lend a hand, shoulder the load.

Named Trans-Neptunian Objects. Solid work ethic. Sense of appropriate position and need for involvement. Aware of As Above, So Below. Feet on ground, head in sky. Proactive and energetic. Ceremonial: Vision and dream work, meditations involving detachment exercises, remote viewing. Positive: sense of authority, dominion, mandates, confidence to declare personal power, open-minded, captain-like attitude, quick orders and delegation.

Negative: dictatorial or an imperial attitude, the emperor's clothes, distortion of data, cherry-picking facts, opinionated, blind one's own bigotry, solipsism. Mundane: relations with offspring, propaganda, mandates, lobbying, political appointments, crony-ism. Ceremonial: Enacting affirmations, declarations, setting one's rules of soulful communication and cosmic law. Chaos: Before all that is, creator of Gaia and Ouranous Uranus.


Ceremonial - meditating upon de-materialization, cleansing and re-materializing, dismemberment shamanic reconstruction. Rhadamanthus - A member of a tribunal of judges that judged the merits of mortals and souls. Positive - sanctions second chances, latitude giving, open minded, fair, non-judgmental, seeing the larger picture. Huya: Egyptian underworld deity, Yaqui and other indigenous lore.

Positive - focused, dedicated, attentive. Negative - fretful, worrying and obsessive. Mundane - attention to detail, religious or spiritual ritual - especially of a repetitive nature. Ceremonial - capitulation and clearing ceremonies, offerings to spirits, especially those perceived to oversee the underworld. Deucalion: The Greco-Roman Noah, the magic of manifestation. Positive - understanding the flow tides of life , manifestation ability, magical, resourceful, seeing the talent in everyone. Negative - feeling overwhelmed, not able to tread water keep up with life , financially irresponsible, feels the burden of humanity.

Ceremonial - ceremonies of manifestation, spiritual exercises using images of bounty and harvest, runes, reading bones. Logos - The rational way of the Universe, possible precursor to the collective unconscious. Negative: arrogance, solipsism, use of data and numbers to defeat valid arguments, sense of superiority possibly based in inferiority. Mundane: thought, reason, data, statistics and their use, rhetoric, belief that humans are superior because of reasoning abilities.

Negative: fearful, sociopathic telling tales about horrible woes for pity , insecure, weak willed. Mundane: dreams of monsters - especially sea creatures, oceanic anomalies, whales, whale products, dangers of the sea, unknown terrors, bizarre creatures. Typhon - grisly monster with an abundance of heads and serpents, figuration of volcanic forces, hot winds Santa Ana, Chinooks. Positive - balance of parts and wholes, sense of details and big picture, ability to reduce overwhelming tasks into manageable steps.

Mundane - snake worship, lava flow, scary reptiles, highly ionized wind patterns Chinooks, Santa Anas. Ceremonial - resetting kundalini to shun fears and anxieties, worship of or including reptiles, ceremonies conducted in caves. Positive - optimistic, gives others the benefit of the doubt, inspires innovative ideas, quirky, skillful in mediation.

Negative - naive, gets blind sided, trusts the untrustworthy, fails to apply healthy skepticism. Ceremonial - anything carrying the theme "All My Relations," creation or regeneration ceremonies, prayers to invoke cellular clearing and healing, processes of culling, thinning or "weeding" out of the negative. Salacia - The unwilling wife of Neptune, proded into marital agreement with the trident. Positive - driven, determined, resourceful, able to work with the unseen, chaste, pure, calm, sensational. More frequent and more extreme weather events.

The orbital period of Sedna has me convinced it is now causing climate change. But does the Sedna astrology chart indicate anything like this? Planet Sedna was discovered on 14 November in California. The conjunction of the Moon, asteroid Hygeia and minor planet Ceres does indicate public health concerns regarding the environment. In mundane astrology, the Moon rules the public, in this case the global population. Minor planet Ceres has been shown by astrologers including myself, to relate to the environment, climate change and global food production.

Interestingly, I wrote that post about Ceres in relation to a climate change conference. Ceres and the new moon were at 24 degrees Scorpio, the Ascendant in the Sedna discovery chart. The same degree that Saturn stations retrograde on 3 March , when it is opposite Sedna. Venus sextile Neptune creates sensitivity and compassion, in this case perhaps, idealism and concern for the oceans, or sensitivity to the changing vibrations caused by the approach of Sedna?

Sedna Consciousness - Astrodienst

Just tossing ideas up. Anyway, this compassionate idealism channels down to Saturn at the apex of a Yod aspect pattern. A Yod apex planet condenses the energy of the sextile planets, in the same way Saturn is known for materializing and condensing matter. It grounds this energy, bringing it down to earth, making it serious, limiting and negative. Thus, our sensitivity to Sedna turns to worry and fear about how climate change is limiting our options, impacting on food production, reducing the area of habitable and arable land. Saturn rules agriculture, the land, and real estate, all of which are in danger from sea level rise and extreme weather conditions.

The custodian, the guardian. Is this our responsibility? Have we been good custodians of the planet Earth.


What legacy do we leave our children? Saturn rules inheritance, and it also rules karma. This is a Boomerang Yod. Saturn fears bounce back to Chiron, the wounded healer, the medicine man.

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The inventor of astrology, who foretold events from the stars. Chiron was immortal, but he gave up this right because of the suffering from his eternal pain. As reward for his gifts to man, and for his sacrifice, the gods placed him in the sky as the constellation Centaurus. The 10th brightest star in the sky is beta Centaurus, the fixed star Agena.