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They can play outside all day with their kids, teaching them new sports to play. Part of the reason why an Aries man makes such a good father is because he is so compassionate with his children. While he does know that it is important to be a parent to his children, he also wants to be able to act as their friend. He also loves to spoil his kids on their birthdays, Christmas, and sometimes just on a Tuesday. Aries men are protective of people who they love, especially their children.

He will do anything to make sure that his child grows up to be happy and healthy.

Types Of Aries Personality

He will protect his child from any threat, even before they are actually born at times. The Aries dad knows that he is doing everything he can to keep his kids safe, which is all he could ever hope to do. An Aries father is a great guy, and he wants his kids to grow up to be great people as well. He will try to make his children as similar to himself as he can because he is proud of the traits that he has. If he gets his way, his children will be ambitious, active, kind, and energetic.

Having kids that turn out to be like an Aries father would be a great thing for any parent to see happen. The Aries father is very active, and thus his juniors or junior cannot get bored around him. Aries dad is very active while the Taurus child just loves sitting around reading books. His father would be able to help him in getting into active activities such as sports among others.

Everything You Need to Know About the Aries Personality

The Gemini child is conversational hence he or she loves his or her cheerful father. The Aries dad is a successful and determined person hence he strives to rub the same on his Cancer child who only delights in what he does. The Aries father is active and athletic while the Virgo child is fragile by nature, hence it is upon the father to guide the way for the child. The Libra child is athletic hence he gets all the necessary support and encouragement from the enthusiastic Aries man.

The Aries father and Sagittarius child love discussing different ideas together and later coming up with something interesting. The active Aries father helps the Capricorn child in coming out of his or her shell. The child may hide in the dark for a while but will one day break free and become as active as his or her father. The Pisces child is very rude, and hence the Aries father tries as much as possible to help him grow up as an honorable man or woman.

Best Matches

He is sure to bring joy into the lives of his children. Any child raised by an Aries father is a lucky child indeed! Anyone who gets to have children with him is sure to feel very lucky as well! Your email address will not be published.

An Aries Male Can Be Aggressive

Venus in this forceful, yang sign Aries , relates by being forceful with the self, in a relationship. Nothing wrong with that! Venus is harmony and well-being in love and loving life through creative expression, style, friendships.

There's a built-in relationship riddle, that for Aries Venus guys, harmony is found through creating sparks! For him, tension is delicious, whether it's a raucous debate or competing for his prize at the local pub.

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His nature is to thrive on sexual tension, especially at the beginning of a relationship. He could star in any of the rom coms out there since so many start out with lots of friction, even a love-hate dynamic. He's intrigued by the one that resists or is a challenge since that puts him into quest mode. He's a big tease and loves to get a rise out of his friends or lovers. One Venus Aries man I know is driven to be locked in contentious conversation, which drives his ex-crazy when they meet.

On the sunny side, this instinct for the fight keeps love from stagnating. He's attracted to the woman who stands up to him, and meets him head-on!

Aries Compatibility

His feminine ideal is the now version of the Amazon — physically strong, street smart and self-assured. He admires a self-starter with a passion for what she does in life. A lusty libido is a must. A great match for Venus Aries is Venus Leo if the egos don't go supernova.

A Venus in Aries man attracts by being a presence of raw vitality, ready to go after what he wants. Venus Aries tilts forward head first, when walking, as the cardinal fire sign of initiation.

Aries Sun in Love: Traits, Expectations & Fears

That means that the desired state is on edge — not everyone's cup of tea, but very arousing to the right lover. Fire signs seek inspiration, the heat of experience, creative risk — these attract the man with Venus in cardinal Aries. A similarly fired-up partner keeps his attention by being in love with life and seeking new experiences and challenges. It's a draw to have a wild streak, even if your life together is fairly settled.

Aries is the upsurge of creative fire. He finds it a thing of beauty, to behold a sudden outburst that rises from that creative source. Share with him your true passions, in art and music, and what makes you feel most alive. The love planet in the first surge of the Zodiac means Venus Aries rushes into romance for the thrill of new experience. He lives for the rush of new love. His turn on is newness, being Spring's own sign when the quest for love puts young males on the move.

He loses interest in settled grooves and fixed ways of relating. His honesty is not for the feint of heart, though he bolts when things get too bogged down in emotion. His love style is express it, and move on. In many ways, he's a 'what you see, is what you get' kind of guy.